Our Mission

The Bella Pet Insurance Fund's mission is to provide more young adults the opportunity to rescue a dog by providing pet insurance.

The Bella Pet insurance Fund Nonprofit

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This is Lucci. She was rescued and is the first beneficiary of a pet insurance grant,  awarded by The Bella Pet Insurance Fund!  Her new "Mom", Natalie said," I was so happy I cried. Time after time I said that I wish I could afford to rescue a dog. The Bella Pet Insurance Fund changed everything.  A huge weight had been lifted."

My name is Patty Ready Potter and I started The Bella Pet Insurance Fund in honor of my special dog, Bella. She saved my life when a bear was about to attack. Sadly, a year later, she was diagnosed with cancer. I did everything possible to save her at a huge cost. I thought of all the young adults with limited funds. I started this for the dogs and the kids.